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  1. Clocksomnia

    Clocksomnia is a short tune I wrote a few years ago while in graduate school. This recording is a touched up version of a project I did for a class during my time at school, it features myself on all synthisizers. Hope you enjoy!

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  2. Quartet Recording

    This recording is another colaboative effort between my brother Matt and I in regards to the recording, the music however was put together by myself and it features some of my earlier compositions as well as some standards. I am joined by Ethan Helm on alto saxophone, Christian Li on …

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  3. Trio Fun Zone Videos

    Trio Fun Zone is the most recent project I am currently a part of and it's a colaboation between close friends CJ Ziarniak on tenor saxophone and Emiliano Lasansky on bass, this group is straight out of late Coltrane and the group at its heart feels like a celebration of …

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  4. The Killtet

    The Killtet was a group formed my brother Matt and I while we were living in Rochester, New York during the year and a half after we graduated from The Eastman School of Music in 2013. The group features myself on drums, Matt on bass, Colin Gordon on alto saxophone …

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  5. Trio Killzone

    Trio Killzone was the predecessor of The Killtet, essentialy the same band minus Colin. During this time (2013-2014) I was diving deep into the free jazz movement of the 60's as well as more modern free musicians such as Tim Berne, Paul Motion, Tony Malaby, ext... What appealed to me …

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