The Killtet

The Killtet was a group formed my brother Matt and I while we were living in Rochester, New York during the year and a half after we graduated from The Eastman School of Music in 2013. The group features myself on drums, Matt on bass, Colin Gordon on alto saxophone, and Wills Mckenna on tenor saxophone.

As a group, we had a unique synergy that alowed us to explore our creativity in a highly improvised musical setting. This was in part due to the instrumentation being only monophonic instruments, but primaraly due to the friendship and comradery we shared along with a spark of reckless abandonment that made us feel like we could make any of our ideas work.

These first two recordings were singles we recorded in the early stages of the group. The recording quality is unique, not a very natural sound, but the energy of the perforance and overall vibe of the band is clear.

This last recording was from our last show at local music store and venue, Bernunzio's, in downtown Rochester. This is 100% low-fi, but the recording captures the essense of what we were trying to acheive. High energy, communicative, spontanious, and just a little reckless at times is how a recall the perforance after years past.