Trio Fun Zone Videos

Trio Fun Zone is the most recent project I am currently a part of and it's a colaboation between close friends CJ Ziarniak on tenor saxophone and Emiliano Lasansky on bass, this group is straight out of late Coltrane and the group at its heart feels like a celebration of his later music. I love playing with these guys, and it's an excuse for me to unabashedly played all my Elvin-isms as well as experiment with my own ideas in that type of musical enviroment.

This first video is a rendition of Frank Rololino's "Blue Daniel". This is one of our flagship standards, it's a peculiar tune in regards to its astetic which we try to reflect with clear sense of humor coupled with a high intensity.

This second video is from the same night but with some added guests, Daniel dickinson on alto saxophone and Morgan Hultgren Wärn on guitar. We are playing two Ornette compositions back to back, Law Years and Mob Job.