Trio Killzone

Trio Killzone was the predecessor of The Killtet, essentialy the same band minus Colin. During this time (2013-2014) I was diving deep into the free jazz movement of the 60's as well as more modern free musicians such as Tim Berne, Paul Motion, Tony Malaby, ext... What appealed to me the most about these musicians, particularly the musicians of the 60's, were the pure ideological and philosophical ideas behind their music. To me, it really felt like they were searching for new ways to create music as oppose to just playing slick new licks and patterns that have the illusion of sounding fresh.

To give a more context, my brother Matt and I were first dabbling in recording technology at this time and this was one of the first recording we did together. It was a colaboratory effort bacause neither of us could afford all the gear on our own. We were in Matts apartment building which sported practice rooms for musicians and we were all in separate rooms so we couldn't see each other. I personaly felt bad about the recordings in the moment, I felt sloppy, thought the drums were going to sound like shit since I was in a tiny room, and didn't feel like the music went the way it should. Kind of an immature way to think since we were trying to play freely, but I learned a lot from the experience.

This first recording is a little rough, but as a group were trying to play in a way that was purely spontaneous and as an added chalange we were trying to play in that way over a standard tune.

Matt Krol ยท Trio Killzone - I Hear a Rhapsody

This second recording was the highlight of the day, it was spontanious and free, yet organized and has a clear composition like structure. The only parameter we decided on was to start in a specific key, Bb major, not that the specific key mattern to me per se. Again, I thought this was going to sound bad but after the dust settled and I listened back it was clear that the moment we captured was something special. I'm not sure how it turned out so well since I am recalling this in hindsight, but maybe I was to a point of frustration that I had given up trying to sound like how I wanted and just played. I guess thats one way of getting there!

Matt Krol ยท Trio Killzone - Free Improvisation